Welding on CSI

I was watching CSI Los Vegas, and they were looking for a pick-pocket. They came up to this guy asking why he’d stolen from a dead guy, and his response was:

"I just got out of jail, and finding a job is hard. I’m working as a welder for a motorcycle shop, getting paid $5 an hour…it doesn’t exactly cover the bills."

I nearly jumped out of my seat. First off, if you are welding for a motorcycle you are more than likely going to be using tig, and that isn’t easy. and I don’t know of any welder, or welding process that only pays $5 an hour! That is just crazy, most welders start out at $15-18 per hour. 

So, there I was yelling at the TV over some welding facts, and realized….I’ve been in the shop too long lol. some inaccurate TV shows shouldn’t get me going like that.  

Makeup was a Bust

This isn’t the right place to rant so I’m gonna direct you to my other tumblr.

I’m doing my best to keep this Tumblr mostly welding, that’s why I have this one other one. 



This little welder is going to get her makeup done at MAC cosmetics in Macy’s!

I’ve taught myself makeup, so this should be really fun! 

After that it will be back to the books and work! I really need to find the rest of the code books and bury my little made-up face into them. 

I’ll post pictures tomorrow! ^_^

Lesson of the day. Welding sheet metal is dangerous because it shoots slag. Sheet metal will expand and contract after you weld it, causing the slag to shoot from the weld. 

Trying Stick for the first time.

Today was probably one of the hottest days we’ve had since summer started, so don’t ask me why I got the welding bug today. I went to work at the down the road shop, and everyone is doing their own thing as usual.

I was taking pictures and watching my teacher weld through the camera lens, and that’s when I decided I could do Stick. In the beginning I refused to touch it, and stuck to learning tig because it didn’t spark. Or as I would say “Spit at me”

By the time the work day was done, we opened up the college shop for a night class.  We were helping our VICA (SKillsUSA) student get ready for competition. This was also when a former student showed me how to run stick. I thought it would be a good idea to start off on a “baby rod”, but they started me off with a 7018 instead of the 6010 I wanted. 

The 7018 was easy enough, and it really didn’t shed a lot of spatter, but it didn’t stop me from screaming like a girl, or freaking out my first couple of passes. Not only that my impatient self decided to try vertical right after running 1 flat bead. 

They found it funny to change my rod while I was grabbing a new one, and let me tell you about 6010. It’s a fucking sparkler! That tiny rod shot spatter everywhere! I would expect that much from a larger rod, but nope, that little one was all over the place! 

Still, I had fun doing it. Even if welding on the hottest day was completely foolish I think I can do it. I’m sure I can get a stick certification next semester if I work at it. 

Our teachers slogan. “Weld / learn or go home.” we have a different kind of classroom environment. 

Learning without the proper material is impossible.

While at the summer shop I decided to try a new workbook for my CWI. After getting halfway through the book, and still finding it impossible to answer a single question I was growing frustrated. My teacher would see how I was doing, and I’ve fall into my usual fit of childish despair and crying in a high pitch voice.

Well the joke was on me, I was working in a book that required me to look back in the code book for structural steel. Well, bad news for me because I left that book at the college shop so I was pretty much flying blind all day with my nose in the book.

It looks like I’ll be going over another book until I find time to get the code book I need. Until then I can simply try seeing what I’ve already learned in the last few months.   

Just gonna say I love taking pictures of sparks, and welding light. This was unedited, the camera only picked up on the sparks, and it is awesome! lol 

One of our students Tig welding for the VICA (SkillsUSA) Competition. 

Fabricating a big ass Smoker down at the job.  

Working on a project. Using a track burning looks easy when the guys do it.


Time falls away by ~BettaJunkie18

A friend of mine looking awesome

Aw, it’s so sweet of you to blog a picture of me! ^_^ Thanks!